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Halkidiki Heaven on Earth!


The marvellous tourist destination of Halkidiki, is set in the northern part of Greece. Rich in natural beauty, Halkidiki is a favourite destination for Greeks as well as also visitors from all over the world. It is constituted by a central department and 3 peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia and Mouth Athos.

The 3 peninsulas have common characteristics like intense vegetation, enchanting sandy beaches, important historical sights and picturesque mountainous and coastal villages.

Kassandra Intense, peaceful, diverse


The peninsula of Kassandra is the knownest region of Halkidiki and is found near Thessaloniki. It is considered one of the best holiday destinations in Northern Greece, since it provides a particularly developed tourist infrastructure and offers most excellent stay in hotels, rooms to let, apartments and studios all year long.

The 15 th of August is the most significant religious day of the summer, as it is the day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Many Kassandra villages celebrate this day: Afitos, Pefkohori, Kalandra, Kryopigi, Paliouri etc. Other religious Kassandra festivals take place on the name day of the village's patron saints.

Pefkohori The ultimate destination


Pefkohori is located in the first "leg" of Halkidiki and is 110km away from Thessaloniki. It is a very good choice for aestival tourism and thousands of tourists from all over the world visit it each year. There are many accommodation options through various hotels and rooms to let, depending on your budget.

The biggest regional advantages are the clean and beautiful beaches, where beach bars and water sports are never absent. An ideal place for amusement with rich night life that keeps growing in the preferences of Greek and foreign tourists.

Macedonia Alexander the Great, rebellions and more


Macedonia is situated in Northern Greece and is constituted by 13 prefectures. It's an area of many beautiful sites, ideal for both winter and summer holidays. The most popular destinations is Thessaloniki, which is the second biggest city in Greece population wise, and Halkidiki being the most popular summer holiday destination.

The polymorph and diversity of tourist resources of Central Macedonia constitute its comparative advantage compared to other regions of Greece or corresponding from abroad. The coastal line stretching along 560km in Halkidiki, 70km in Pieria (and so much more in Thessalonica) supported and continues to support the traditional model of Sun and Sea.

ThessalonikiThermaikos' "Bride"


Thessaloniki (Thessalonica or Salonica), capital of the prefecture, is the second biggest city of Greece. Dowered from history and nature, being simultaneously a modern and a well organised city, in Thessaloniki you will always find that you seek. From archaeological discoveries, to seasonal resorts and endless amusement halls of all kinds.

The imposing White Tower in the gulf of Thermaikos, the splendid church of Saint Dimitrios, the circular temple Rotonta, the historical region Ladadika (which has changed to a neighbourhood of bars and restaurants), are only a few of this beautiful city's interesting sites.

Mount AthosThe sanctuary


Mouth Athos constitutes an autonomus Greek state and is divided in twenty independent regions. Each region is constituted by a sovereign abbey and various other monastic settlements around it (skites, cells, huts, seats, sanctuaries).

It's considered a very popular destination among men who want to spend some time in absolute tranquility and peace (women are not allowed to visit the monasteries). Visitors can take their minds off everyday stress, simply spending their time by enjoying nature and the simplicity of their holidays.

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